• Birthplace : Quezon City, Philippines
  • First Yoga Class :  Reformer Session 15 years ago
  • Favourite Pose :  Pilates Roll over
  • Most Challenging Yoga Pose :​ Control Balance
  • Biggest Challenge on the Mat : When the exercise gets fun and challenging, its hard to keep a straight voice. My core also get a workout!
  • Biggest Challenge off the Mat : Finding good vegan places to eat! I am always hungry.

Kay Sy

Pilates Instructor

A certified BASI Pilates Instructor, Kay Sy has been in the field of health and wellness most of her life. Since 2001, she has been doing Pilates to help manage her scoliosis and neck problems. In her years of practice, Kay realized that Pilates became more than just physical therapy for her conditions. She fell in love with the program and the science behind each movement. In 2010, Kay took her practice to the next level by getting her International Instructor Certification from the BASI Pilates program. Since then, she has taught in several studios in Singapore and now, Manila. Today Kay teaches in several studios in Manila and is teaching in her home studio in Katipunan, Powerhouse Pilates. Kay’s teaching style focus more on a “tailor-fit approach” wherein programs are based on clients’ strengths and desired goals.

With the years of practicing Pilates and the experience of working in corporate, Kay realized that health and wellness was to be her full-time occupation. From being a Financial analyst in the trade floors of an Oil company in Singapore, today Kay is also a practicing Health Coach and Plant-based nutritionist. In the same way that Kay believes in tailor-fitting her classes to suit her students individually, she applies the same philosophy in food and nutrition. You would often hear her say, “Nutrition and diet is not a cookie cutter approach”. There is no one formula in eating healthy and nourishing the body. In both fitness and nutrition, she applies a very personalized client-centered approach where no one is created the same.