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  • Birthplace: Quezon City, Philippines
  • First yoga class: 2008
  • Favorite pose: alternate between standing bow pulling and standing head to knee
  • Most challenging pose: spine strengthening series
  • Biggest challenge on the mat: concentration
  • Biggest challenge off the mat: sweets (hahaha!)

Nikoy de Guzman

Bikram Yoga Instructor

It was “Love at first Savasana” for Kathea Koren De Guzman or simply known as “Nikoy” after her first-ever Bikram yoga class. Her passion for yoga stems from her love of movement and the performing arts. She was first introduced to the art of ballet at the age of six. After a few years into ballet, she then experimented with gymnastics. The curiosity bug bit her once again in July of 2008 and led her to try out Bikram yoga. By this time she was already a young breast cancer survivor who was juggling motherhood and being Managing Director of several family-owned food franchises. As a breast cancer survivor, she extensively read and researched on the benefits brought about by yoga , hence her decision to try it out for herself.

Considering her extensive ballet and gymnastics background, she had no difficulty switching to the yoga discipline. In fact, she even joined the 2010 Philippine Yoga Asana Competition. Although she did not bag a trophy from that event, she did gain inspiration from all the hard work and extensive training she had to go through. This same inspiration brought her to new heights in the spring of 2011 when she flew to Los Angeles, California to pursue the Birkram Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Indeed, there is no stopping this well-rounded lady from running after her dreams and fulfilling her life’s passion. Her journey as a woman has taken her full-circle for now she finds herself inspiring others as well. In her own words she says: “I experience a different kind of bliss after the final “namaste” knowing I have helped my students take care of themselves and explore the infinite possibilities of their bodies.”

Aside from Bikram Yoga, she also completed the KidzYoga Teacher Training Course under Grace Hetherington of KidzYoga Australia in 2012, as well as Yoga for Breast Cancer Recovery and Beyond under Camille Kittrell of ExclusiveYoga on the same year. In 2013 she also became a licensed Zumba instructor

Nikoy refers to yoga as her calm after the storm, considering the hectic lifestyle that she leads as a single mom, business woman, dancer and make-up artist, and now a 2-time breast cancer survivor. She finds her balance in her practice of yoga.