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  • Birthplace: Manila Philippines
  • First Yoga Class: 2009
  • Favourite Pose: Camel and Half Moon
  • Most Challenging Yoga Pose:​ Standing Head to Knee
  • Biggest Challenge on the Mat: Teacher Marivic
  • Biggest Challenge off the Mat: Chips, Chocolates and Cakes

Ruth Reyes

Kids Yoga Instructor

I first heard about Bikram Yoga in December 2009. My good friends Jamie and Marivic Merritt swore by its benefits as well as how challenging it was. I attended my first class in Bikram Yoga Greenhills, with teacher Ginger, and I was blown away by how intense and difficult it was. I left the room feeling so light and energized like I was walking on air. It was the first time I ever felt that way after any workout. I was instantly hooked. Yoga is the most intense but relaxing exercise, a very challenging and healing activity for all levels.

I became a yoga teacher in June 2014, gaining a kids yoga teacher qualification through Rainbow Yoga. Rainbow Yoga is a Registered Yoga School for Children with Yoga Australia, Yoga Alliance UK and Yoga Alliance USA.

For me, yoga is about exploring the body and gaining a sense of respect for others and us. I would like to see children learn something about mind and body connection in their developmental years. This is my goal, not to get them to do a perfect posture. Yoga for kids is more than just a physical activity, yoga provides children tools on how to focus and relax. That is the beauty of yoga for children: the theme could be anything; we use yoga to express ourselves and learn, above all else, it’s a whole lot of fun.