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  • Birthplace- Cebu City, Philippines
  • First Yoga Class- 2010
  • Favorite poses- Standing head to knee, Back bend, Pranayama breathing
  • Most Challenging yoga pose- I find floor series poses a bit challenging
  • Biggest challenge on the mat- None, really! I enjoy every second of it
  • Biggest challenge off the mat- Being a hands on mom to my son who has special needs. It is challenging but Im not complaining. I treat this challenge as a blessing ☺

Winkey Sanchez

Kids Yoga Instructor

Back in 2010, I tried Bikram yoga out of my curiosity and just for fun. As time passed by, practicing yoga started to become not just a hobby, but a part of me- a part of my life. I found my body craving for more bends and stretches in the heated room!

Along the way, in those seven years, I also explored practicing other kinds of yoga such as Ashtanga, Vinyasa,Power Yoga and Yin. I love all kinds of yoga but nothing will beat Bikram at the top spot!

Yoga, gave me strength not just physically but also emotionally. It inspired me to be the best that I can be and always see the positive amidst all challenges life may bring. Also, I have to admit that Being a mom to a special child is a hard task, but practicing Bikram removes all my stress and makes me accept what life brings- and by this I can be the best mom that I can be!

Having to be blessed by having a son with special needs, I was inspired to connect my motherhood to yoga by attending Kids Yoga Teacher trainings. In 2014 I decided to attend my first teacher training for Kids Yoga in Manila then a year later I flew out to Singapore to attend a higher level kids yoga teacher training with a specializiation in handling kids with different abiities and needs.
I also influenced my eldest daughter to practice yoga. Not only that I get to bond with my daughter in the hot room but I aslo, I shared to her what positivity yoga can bring to ones life. Now, we share the same thoughts about yoga. I have yet to convince my husband to come join us heehee.
Overall, Im just grateful on how Bikram Yoga affected my life in such a positive way. Not only the physical and emotional improvements that it brings but also through the years of practicing it, I have met the most amazing set of friends- my fellow yogis and yoginis. ☺